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THC Body Butter

1/2 C shea butter

1/2 C cacao butter (non-deodorized)

1/2 C cannabis infused virgin coconut oil

1/2 C olive oil

1 oz beeswax

1 t of essential oil or blend

Melt all above ingredients on low or in double boiler. Remove from heat, add any essential oils and cool a bit. Then put in fridge for an hour. Whip on highest setting in mixer for 10 minutes. Let set in fridge for 15 minutes. Take out of fridge for a few minutes to use. I find this butter shelf stable for about 2 weeks. It’s super simple and super effective if I use a medium percentage to high percentage THC or especially if I use a blend of different THC cannabis varieties. It helps my nerve pain, but giving out samples to people they claim it’s helped any type of pain they have. The only person who hasn’t found a lot of relief from it is a member of my family who has a really high tolerance to THC. ENJOY BEING PAIN FREE. Love, Sue