Steps to Becoming a Medical Cannabis Patient:

1.     Have an appointment with a doctor, nurse practitioner or specialist. Doctor fills out paperwork and you need to choose LP/LP’s (licensed producers now known as license holders). Sometimes doctor will choose LP/LP’s based on what s/he knows or will have certain LP’s s/he usually refers people to. Some doctors will limit prescription to CBD only or will limit THC content. Cannabis clinics can be a better option as the doctors are conversant about cannabis and believe in its health properties.

2.     Choose which licensed producers you want to have your prescription at. You can choose as many as you want.

3.     Register at LP’s of your choice. Their forms are on their websites and many can be sent digitally.

4.     Once your chosen LP’s get your doctor’s prescription and have approved your registration you can create an account on their website and order your cannabis online from LP/LP’s. Often you can choose Canada Post or a courier service depending on the LP’s services. Ordering cannabis online from a licensed producer is usually the only method to obtain legal medical cannabis. Shopper’s Drug Mart has now signed up to be a distributor of medical cannabis. They are working with a handful of LP’s so if you use Shopper’s you will have to use one of their suppliers. If signing with them you will be able to pick up your prescription at one of their storefronts just like you would a pharmaceutical prescription.

5.     Different LP’s have different processing times to send your cannabis products to you. One of my LP’s delivers next day, but some take much longer, up to a week or more.

Switching LP’s without a doctor appointment:

Inform LP you are leaving with an email or call to them. They are bound by law to release your medical documents to LP of your choosing. It’s best to tell your cannabis clinic or doctor you are switching. Fill in registration form for new LP. Once your new LP gets your documents and approves your registration you can order from new LP.