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See my new appointment for making this personal lubricant with the Levo ii.

As a 54 year old woman and lyme patient I love this recipe. Intimate moments call for Carlen Costa’s special concoction. Dr Carlen is a canadian sex psychotherapist who helps to empower women to have a joyous healthy life. Check out for more women empowering use of cannabis.

**peppermint oil is optional. Go slow with it as some don’t like the tingly feeling. Dr. Carlen recommends trying peppermint essential oil on inner elbow to see how you like the feeling. Also be sure to use a polyurethane, not latex, condom or use an alternative birth control method if you don’t want condom to break down while using this oil.

½ cup Organic MCT coconut oil, infused (we suggest a high-THC strain). Cannabis is optional; the THC will get your vagina and clitoris high, though, and it’s not psychoactive, so…!

  • Organic vitamin E oil (just a few drops to make it 1% of total solution)

  • 5 drops Peppermint essential oil (optional)

  • 1 drop black pepper essential oil (optional)

  • Vessel equipped with a dispensing mechanism (eye dropper, pump, etc)


  • Start with room temp ingredients. Mix your liquid MCT coconut oil, vitamin E oil and drops of essential oils. Whisk thoroughly until combined.

  • Pour into your vessel