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Sue’s Story


It All Started When . . .

In the middle of the night in September, 2013 I started feeling neuropathy that began on one side of my neck and down my right side and then down my right leg. I started feeling very nauseous. Then my left side from my neck down the same symptoms began. I had my husband call an ambulance. Lots of tests at hospital and was released with unknown condition and a baby aspirin. I had 2 MRI’s done one year apart. I had a couple of brain lesions, but doctors didn’t think I had MS. The neurologist said he thought I’d had an atypical hormonal fluctuation migraine with unusual aura and no pain. I felt that week that my body wasn’t attached to my brain and it felt difficult to think I could move. Doctors thought it was all due to peri menopause. I started to feel fine after that week. Then I had hip joint and muscle pain. I chalked it up to aging and being born pigeon toed. There were other symptoms that started, though. I began feeling very fatigued at times to the point that I needed to lie down from after work till the next morning and I felt like I had “the flu” about once a week.

Fast forward to 2015 after my dad and brother had died within a year of each other and I was in so much grief and feeling so miserable with migraines occurring almost daily. A friend referred me to a hormone clinic in Los Angeles. The doctor immediately said my symptoms matched up with Lyme disease and I tested very high on Dr Horowitz’ Lyme questionnaire. I got tested and found I had 3 bands for Lyme including DNA for the bacteria that causes it, Borrelia Burgdorferi. Since then I have found the best treatment in cannabis and other herbal tinctures and am functioning so much better and learned so much that I want to share my knowledge of how to navigate cannabis industry to better one’s health.



  • natural plant source medicine

  • can be added to other therapies

  • can be therapy on its own

  • has very low toxicity

What I do

  • teach about how to get prescriptions in Canada

  • teach about various license holders that sell products

  • teach how to cook with cannabis

  • run classes about cannabis

  • educate the public at free local events

  • developing cannabis-free raw edible packaged mixes