Canna Curious?

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How to Use Indicapable Services

Are you a cannabis curious individual who wants to learn more? Would you like to improve your health? Do different methods of using cannabis intimidate you or do you want to delve deeper into how to use it or cook with it? Indicapable can help with all of your cannabis questions and teach you how to use cannabis to your best advantage to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

The first way to let Indicapable help you is by booking an initial free 20 minute consultation from my appointments page so that I can determine where your interest lies, what resources you may need and how I can best help you. This first consultation comes with a complimentary cannabis terpene preference questionnaire. “What is that?” you may ask. Terpenes are chemicals in cannabis similar to essential oils. We each have likes and dislikes. What flavours and scents people are attracted to may determine how well a substance can work for them or it may allow them to have a pleasant experience. Indicapable hopes that your cannabis experiences are enjoyable, perhaps even healing in some way. By asking what your scent and flavour preferences are, I may be able to help you find those lovely experiences.

Peanut Butter Canna Chocolates

Peanut Butter Canna Chocolates

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